Conservation framing, not only requires the correct materials to be used, but having the years of extensive knowledge of framing museum artwork. Some specialty materials we use on conservation pieces include U/V protective glass, rag/cotton fibre matting and museum hinging strips (which eliminates the need to use adhesive tapes that inhibits removal of artwork causing damage). The air sealing of the art work prior to placing into the frame, ensuring against moisture or condensation forming inside the artwork. The choices are endless and all artwork has different requirements. Hinging methods for original artwork have improved greatly in recent years. This allows flexibility in not only ensuring that artwork stays preserved, but also allowing removal, without damaging the artwork, these skills are paramount when handling delicate works.

Townsville Art and Framing have the skills to help you make informed choices.

The utmost care is taken to ensure that your artwork is preserved for years to come.



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