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As every piece is unique, there is a wide variety of ways to frame your piece. At Townsville Art and Framing we make it possible for the finished product to reflect your tastes while protecting it well into the future. By not taking shortcuts in materials or methods of framing we ensure our framing is done in a professional manner, delivering lasting results.

Our experienced staff have the expertise to advise you on the correct choices. From our range of U/V protective glass to our selection of over three hundred matting colours, our staff will guide you through the process until you find the perfect combination.

Our wide range of frame mouldings ensure the highest standards in finish and presentation, with a unique look that suits your personal style.

Townsville Art and Framing are the exclusive distributors of the high-quality, classic Italian Berlini Frames.

The Townsville Art and Framing Difference


Prints, photographs and posters are dry mounted using archival adhesives in a cold press to avoid ink dispersion, this is the professional industry standard for mounting- eliminating bubbling or lifting.


The substrate used to mount artwork is an acid free paper, with a foam core insert, specially designed to insulate the artwork from ambient temperature changes, thus avoiding condensation on the inside of the glass in times of high humidity levels.


Matting, is not only used for decorative purposes, but also to keep the glass off the artwork.

It will also absorb any moisture that may potentially get inside the glass, by acting as a sponge to soak up the trapped moisture away from the artwork; once this has been done it will then promote mildew growth on the mat area rather than damaging the artwork.


The hanging system is of premium quality incorporating Swiss quality D-rings with stainless steel wire to avoid corrosion.

A three way hanger is attached which allows the weight to be distributed between three points and avoids joint separation.


All custom framed work, undertaken in our workshop, is sealed in two stages of assembly to ensure the artwork is completely air tight, this ensures that your artwork is protected for years to come.


The options of u/v protection for your treasured artwork is offered in the form of special glass giving 97%, or museum glass at 99.9%, u/v protection, against the harmful and irreparable damage of the sun’s u/v rays.


New technology has made it possible to enhance colours and increase clarity through glass, while still protecting artwork from the harsh u/v rays. Come in and see the difference!

Contact us today on (07) 4775 3347 or via email to discuss your custom framing requirements.